After almost 20 years of studying trends and consulting with professional firms, Cameron Management Services Group (CMSG) is able to address the challenges and difficulties facing today's organizations in areas of strategic planning, compensation, governance, marketing and administration.

CMSG provides integrated administration services, through access to and benefit from, the talent, expertise and knowledge of specialized individuals at a cost far less than that of full-time employees. Four Corners of Administration include:

  • Accounting Services

  • Accounting services are an essential part of an efficient organization. Our accounting professionals are experienced in meeting the needs of professional firms as well as complying with law society regulations. Depending on your size we can design our service to meet your accounting needs. You company might require only a part time accountant, or it might need a CA to design your accounting system and chart of accounts. Whatever your need we can fill it.

    By partnering with CMSG you will be guaranteed access to a strong talent pool on an "as needed" basis.

    Our professionals are trained in the majority of today's accounting software packages. The ability to understand financial reports so that decisions can be made is "critical" for strategic planning. Our company has worked with professional firms for 20 years and has the skill to interpret the numbers so that you can make "informed decisions".

    Some of our engagements include:
  • Accounting department supervision and management
  • Daily operations
  • Monthly and Year-end reporting
  • Financial Management
  • Tax preparation
  • Accounting system design and implementation
  • System evaluations
  • System conversion

  • Facilities / Office Services

  • The daily operation of a business is something that most people take for granted - that is except for the person with the responsibility to ensure the lights, copier, phones all work, the carpet is cleaned, mail delivered, supplies ordered and the other numerous other basics are taken care of. Our clients have transferred this responsibility to us, which allows them to manage one provider rather than many.

    We have developed procedures that work - the office is taken care of and the client can get on with doing his business.

  • Information Technology Services

  • Perhaps the area that is least understood and therefore most difficult to manage in a professional firm is that of technology and information exchange. Technology is changing rapidly and what we purchase today can be rendered obsolete tomorrow. Understanding the choices and selecting the hardware and software that best suits your needs is paramount for today's professional firms. There is a vast number of consultants, experts, and companies in the marketplace today, each with their own opinion of what technology you need to support your business. The decision on which system to implement can be mind-boggling.

    Cameron Management Services Group understands the needs of the client and understands how professional firms operate (we have been managing professional firms for 20 years). It is this understanding that enables us to sift through the alternatives available and recommend the appropriate technology and system for your business. Far too often we are faced with suppliers who do not truly understand our business and therefore cannot recommend an appropriate solution.

    We will also establish maintenance schedules to ensure your systems continue to run with minimal support. We will maintain your systems to the optimal level required and no more - you don't need extra costs.

    Give us a call. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your current systems and recommend opportunities for improvement.

  • Human Resource Services

  • The human dynamic in most professional firms is often misunderstood and taken for granted. Cameron Management Services Group has developed procedures and policies to accommodate the needs of both employers and employees. Our Human Resource specialists have developed policies in the following areas:
    • Performance reviews
    • Compensation
    • Orientation
    • Training
    • Workflow and allocations
    • Recruitment & terminations
    Our goal is to promote a healthy and creative work environment enabling you to increase your firm's productivity and service to your clients.

  • Management Solutions (Consulting)

  • It is our experience in working with professional firms that there are generally four areas that require on-going review, discussion and change in professional firms. These areas are:
    • Governance
    • Compensation Systems
    • Strategic Planning
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    Our experience includes facilitation of planning sessions, professional recruiting, merger negotiations and resolution of partnership disputes. As a result we are current in the knowledge of what has been tried, what is to be avoided and what is working in these areas.

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